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This website provides information about the historic building and Rosenlundsalen, the oldest thatre room in Norway!

The story of the Konservativen:

  • The Konservativen is a wooden building in Halden. In 1759 a city fire happened in Halden. In these events the Konservativen burned down but was rebuild. The Konservativen is named after an organisation which previously owned it. Den konservative arbeidsforening.
  • A second floor is built in the Konservativen. It is named Rosenlundsalen and was used as a theater room. Actually, it is the oldest theater room in Norway. The second eldest theater, Fredrikshalds theater is from 1838
  • The theater had many owners in it’s history. In the first time when it was used as a theater, it was owned by the Harald Haarfagers Klub. In this period, the Konservativen was also called “Den civile Klub”.
  • Den civile Klub is merged with Den militære klub and Haldens klub.
  • Den venskablige forening buys the building as theater and gear.

  • Den konservative forening becomes the new owner of the Konservativen. At this point, the theater gets the name it has today: Konservativen.
  • The Konservativen is used as a furniture storage facility and it was planned to demolish it to make place for a new club house. These plans were never fullfilled.
  • Halden kommune buys the building. The first floor and the exterior are fixed.
  • The Konservativen is used a headquarters of Østfold teaterverksted and later Østfold teater.
  • The theater is broken down. Read about Konservativens current state and why it needs donations here.

About the Konservativen

General Information

Konservativen is the oldest theater room in Norway. And it’s been forgotten. So, it’s just been getting more and more broken down. This building has also housed more than just happy theater audience, but also families in the 1st floor and the 2nd. This combination makes the building unique both for the city, the local history and art culture. This building deserves all our respects. Luckily there is a small group of people working to save it.

Right now!

In June 2015 the building was getting so bad that the city had to take action, so a meeting was held and it was decided that a small task force would be the best solution to figure out if to restore and keep as is and what would happen if so. These people were:

  • Jens Bakke (Fortidsminneforeningen Østfold og lokallaget Halden)
  • Morten André Berger (Halden Kulturråd)
  • Stein Wilhelmsen (Halden Kommune og huseier)
  • Tore Collett-Moen (brannvernleder Konservativen)
  • Trine Wille

These people have managed a lot as of now. In 2017 the building's future is looking a bit brighter, the fortidsminne forening has given 238 000 kr for restoration of the building.

Konservativens own vision

There are 3 big goals to what is going to happen to konservativen over the next years.

  1. The Konservativen should be fully functional with all necessary furniture and facilities.
  2. The 2nd floor should be fully restored back to its old glory.
  3. The building shall be one of the main meeting places for professional art and culture players. It should be the cultural square of Halden.

You can add to the vision here Also you can register for “konservativens venneforening”, which is a origination for friends of the oldest theater hall in Norway. It's free to become a member so join as a supporting player here.

Konservativen web documentary!

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Donations for the Konservativen so far!

What was donated

Bring yourself in!

You can donate for the Konservativen and help renovating it too. Go here.

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